the Ultimate in Quality
Control System
ISO 9001
Certified by Lloyd's
NACB Accreditation
ASME Sect VIII, Div 1

Our Welding Qualifications
ASME U-Stamp Cert No. 20,453
TuV (Germany)
SVDB (Switzerland)
DRIRE (France)
AOTC (Great Britain)
STOOMWEZEN (Netherlands)
ARAB (Belgium)
TTK (Finland)
SA (Sweden)
Estrella 2000 Glass
Thermal Shock: 435 deg F instantaneous "Delta T"
per DIN 51167 assessment.

DIN-ISO Corrosion testing certified by the German Material Testing and Research Institute (file 1.3/12213}

Spark test: 20,000 vDC
Guaranteed Pore-free & Plug-free

Finished Product Tolerances
Flange faces are guaranteed to be flat and level.

Overall dimensions are guaranteed to exceed the closest tolerances in our industry---with absolutely no "plus" tolerances on pipe lengths.

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